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Five Orders of Ignorance
Posted by: amateur (IP Logged) [Moderator]
Date: March 17, 2009 12:25PM

The Five Orders of Ignorance from Phillip G. Armour

0th Order Ignorance (0OI)Lack of Ignorance.
You know, you have the answer

1st Order Ignorance (1OI)Lack of Knowledge.
You know what you don't know, you have the question

2nd Order Ignorance (2OI)Lack of Awareness.
You don't know what you don't know.

3rd Order Ignorance (3OI)Lack of Process.
You have no means, or process, for resolving your lack of knowledge

4th Order Ignorance (4OI)Meta Ignorance.
Not aware of these 5 levels


0) "0OI" is what you know that you know. As an entrepreneur its OK to be arrogant about what you know that you know, thats what drives you forward against all the odds and the naysayers.

1) "1OI" is what you know that you dont know. You must adopt humility in equal measure to your arrogance about what you know you dont know. Solicit advice from experts and listen carefully. Hire people smarter than you with the skills that complement yours.

2) "2OI" is what you dont know that you know. This is about trust of your gut instincts. Dont hire people who dont feel right and dont do deals with people you dont feel good about. Believe in your values and principals.

3) "3OI" is what you dont know that you dont know. This is something to fear in yourself and others. Avoid the fakers and the liars. If they cant be moved to Ignorance Order Two then you dont want to be dealing with them.

4) "4OI" is not knowing about the Orders of Ignorance. Congratulations dear reader as you are no longer classified by this order

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